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The personal views of a Catholic parish organist

July 4, 2014

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100 Easy Hymns 23-Feb-14
1560 and all that 07-Nov-10
A Catholic blog list 02-Jul-13
A Gloria from scratch! 20-Nov-13
A Happy Ship! 26-Aug-12
A New Year begins … 01-Jan-14
A reader’s view: guest post by Gill 28-Jan-14
A Wonderful O-Puss! 18-Jul-14
About time 30-May-14
Affairs Papal still developing 25-Jul-10
And a hymn book 29-Mar-13
And also with your spirit 04-Aug-12
And the good news … 09-Sep-11
Announcement: a little extra help for the Sanctus 07-Aug-10
Announcement: At last, a CD of Bellahouston music! 30-Aug-10
Announcement: Chants for Holy Week and Easter 20-Mar-12
Announcement: check out the organ page! 18-Jan-11
Announcement: Getting to Grips with the Gloria 10-Oct-12
Announcement: have you booked for Saturday 9 April 06-Apr-11
Announcement: Linlithgow Singing Day 19 May 03-May-12
Announcement: Playing the Organ page has started 16-Nov-10
Announcement: Practise MacMillan Mass on this webs 20-Jul-10
Announcement: Publications page 06-Nov-10
Announcement: Singing Day on 31 August 02-May-13
Announcement: View from the grass roots 13-Jun-11
Announcement: webpages are changing 19-Oct-10
Approval committee revisited 02-Jun-13
Assumpta est Maria 15-Aug-14
At church in Orkney 28-Sep-12
Audio files can really help! 16-May-14
Australia – the land of the dotted blobs! 17-Jun-12
Bless me, Father … 29-Aug-14
Blog goes Down Under! 24-Apr-12
Bridal Chit-chat (01) 22-Oct-09
Bridal Chit-chat (02) 04-Dec-09
Bridal Chit-chat (03) 14-Dec-09
Bridal chit-chat (04) 12-Jan-10
Bridal chit-chat (05) The wedding with 31 organists 10-Mar-10
Bridal chit-chat (06) 17-May-10
Bridal Chit-chat (07): The Unexpected Wedding 04-Aug-10
Bridal Chit-chat (08): Soloists 18-Aug-10
Bridal Chit-chat (09) 21-Feb-11
Bridal chit-chat (10) 02-Nov-11
Bridal chit-chat (11) 03-Feb-12
Bridal chit-chat (12) 04-Jul-12
Bridal chit-chat (13) 17-Aug-12
Bridal chit-chat (14): The early bride … 13-Sep-12
Bridal chit-chat (15) – the non-weddings 08-Aug-14
Bridal chit-chat (16) – technical interference 22-Aug-14
Bring flowers of the rarest 06-May-10
Bring flowers of the rarest – yet again! 20-Mar-13
Bringing them in 20-Jun-14
Calling beginner organists! A chance to overcome nerves 19-Jul-13
Changes ahead! 21-May-13
Chant – why the fuss? 16-Mar-14
Choirs ain’t what they used to be! 07-May-14
Christmas just past … 31-Dec-09
Christmas past … 21-Dec-09
Complaints department 06-Jun-14
Confronting the Blobs 24-Jul-11
Cushions 27-Mar-13
Did you know about SCOTS? 26-Oct-09
Don’t go away! 10-Feb-13
Don’t play anything religious! 17-Nov-09
Easter approaches … 19-Mar-13
Easter greetings! 31-Mar-13
Electronic organs (1) 21-Jan-10
Electronic organs (2) 28-Jan-10
Electronic pianos are awful! 08-Nov-09
Epiphany Blues 06-Jan-14
Fame at last? 14-Jan-14
Fees: what if you don’t get paid? 28-Nov-09
Getting rid of a new electronic piano 09-Jan-10
Getting rid of an old electronic piano 05-Jan-10
Getting there 09-Jan-11
Getting there – slowly 09-Apr-13
Girning about GIRM 19-Jan-12
Glorias galore! 29-Oct-12
Going with a bang 19-Oct-11
Gregorian without the melismas 13-Feb-11
Hallelujah! 29-Oct-10
Happy Easter, everyone! 06-Apr-12
Happy New Year! 01-Jan-13
Happy New Year! 01-Jan-12
Harmonium memories 07-Jul-13
Have you thought of joining your local organists’ society? 05-Oct-09
He who sings prays twice? Really? 11-Jul-14
Holy Week is crisis time! 16-Apr-14
House-keeping 04-Jul-14
House-keeping (2) 18-Jul-14
How times do change … 31-Dec-10
Hunt the Organist 03-Oct-10
I must have missed something! 15-Feb-14
I’ll never organise one of these again! 25-Aug-13
ICEL chant accompaniments – Kyrie and Gloria 25-Aug-11
ICEL chant accompaniments – update 04-Aug-11
If at first you don’t succeed … 25-Oct-11
In the beginning 12-Dec-10
Interlude: the uses of Youtube 03-Feb-10
Is there anyone out there? 24-Mar-10
It’s happened again! 27-Jun-14
Just one thing after another 21-Apr-13
Last call for Bonnyrigg! 05-Oct-11
Lent and Laudate 01-Apr-14
Listening for the angels 29-Jan-11
MacMillan at the Vigil 24-Apr-11
MacMillan on Musica Sacra 30-Sep-13
MacMillan v NMAB – next round 09-Mar-14
Mistakes and senior moments 24-Oct-10
More on MacMillan 14-Dec-13
More ships! 02-Sep-12
Music for the New Mass : opportunity to comment. 04-Feb-11
New resources for download 15-Dec-12
Now that the dust has settled … 06-Sep-13
Ohh, hohh, hohh-oh-oh! 23-Apr-10
Only temporary – honest! 17-Feb-12
Organist fees revisited 10-Jun-13
Organist fees: is this Paradise? 28-Feb-12
Organist funeral fees 27-Nov-09
Organists in training 15-Oct-10
Organwear 20-Jul-12
Organwear (2) 12-May-13
Orkney pilot 26-May-13
Our wonderful acoustic just got even better! 10-Nov-13
Out and about (1) 03-Jul-11
Out and about (2) 12-Jul-11
Out and about (3) 16-Aug-11
Out and about (4) 24-Aug-11
Out and about (5) 12-Oct-11
Outages 25-Jun-12
Papal Mass preparations 06-Jul-10
Papal music galore! 12-Sep-10
Paranoia? Never! 13-Jan-10
Pastorale 28-May-11
Pedalling again! 17-Apr-13
Pianists (3) Electronic organs (3) 03-Mar-10
Pianists coming to the organ: the basics 17-Feb-10
Pianists: when you’ve finally been hooked … 24-Feb-10
Praise pedal problems 19-Apr-13
Recovering … 27-Sep-10
Recovery under way! 30-Nov-12
Redressing the balance 13-Mar-12
Religious experiences on holiday 16-Jul-10
Rumours (2) 26-Jan-12
Rumours (3): Bring flowers of the rarest 26-May-12
Rumours, rumours everywhere 12-Jan-12
Rural holiday 21-Oct-13
Secular music in church 21-Nov-09
Sheep may safely practise! 08-Jul-10
Shocked 18-Mar-13
Should Catholic organists be paid? 13-Apr-10
Snow on snow, snow on snow 22-Dec-10
Snow, snow and more snow 06-Dec-10
So easy to miss the obvious 13-Jun-14
Still time to book for 19 May at Linlithgow! 16-May-12
Technical mayhem 10-Aug-10
The Anytoun Old Kirk emails (1) 15-Nov-10
The Anytoun Old Kirk emails (2) 22-Nov-10
The Anytoun Old Kirk emails (3) 27-Nov-10
The Anytoun Old Kirk emails (4) 01-Dec-10
The Disposable Gloria 23-Nov-11
The Great Change has started! 04-Sep-11
The longest day 01-Aug-10
The Open Diapason nearly hit the Benylin! 27-Mar-14
The organ and other instruments 09-Feb-10
The perennial question – why don’t Catholics sing? 25-Sep-13
The Pope and the Blog – Summing up 14-Sep-10
The Pope’s favourite Mass setting 23-May-14
The seaweed-eating sheep of North Ronaldsay! 10-Dec-12
The Sign of … well, Tension, mainly. 01-Aug-14
The Transposing Problem 28-Aug-11
The Vigil 04-Apr-10
Those sheep again! 25-Aug-10
Thoughtfully yours 05-Mar-12
Thoughts on James MacMillan’s latest statement 24-Nov-13
Three-and-a-half beats? 23-Jun-11
Turning the page 04-Mar-11
Tweet, tweet! 12-Jul-12
Twitter, twitter about the MacMillan Mass 28-May-10
Two volunteers already! 05-Aug-13
Two ways of Going Home 09-Jun-12
Update 17-Mar-13
Welcome to the blog! 05-Oct-09
Whatever happened to the singing pinkie? 11-Feb-12
When is a hymn book not a hymn book? 12-May-11
Where have the wicked men gone? 02-Jun-12
Where is everyone? 25-Jul-14
Why the blobs? 20-Mar-11
Winging it! 13-Jan-13
Winter is the danger season for pipe organs! 05-Oct-09
You must read this! 28-Feb-14

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