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October 29, 2010


evelyn @ 6:23 pm

It went really well, after all. Organ in tune, cantor brilliant, big congregation singing lustily and no major mistakes on my part, after all my fears. Afterwards, glass of wine in the hall, and some nice remarks from the Cardinal about the music.

Some of the trainees were also there quaffing wine. This Sunday trainee no. 3 makes her debut (1 and 2 are already way out ahead). She’ll join me at the organ and will play one hymn from the list (I’ll do everything else). I’ve a feeling that after that she’ll want to do the whole thing on her own. There’s no stopping this lot.

Now I must get the ‘Playing the Organ’ webpage up and running. So far it has only a couple of pictures, but we’re getting there, we’re getting there …

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