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September 14, 2010

The Pope and the Blog – Summing up

evelyn @ 6:21 pm

Well, the great day is almost upon us, and looking back over the last few blog entries, I realise that there has been much about singing at Bellahouston, and not a lot about organs and organists. This will be rectified, I promise.

One unexpected bonus from the papal maelstrom has been my enforced learning of HTML and, more recently, CSS. I hope to graduate soon to PHP and SQL. I can never remember what all these initials mean, but being compelled to code the Singing the Mass page on this website is what has forcibly expanded my knowledge. Believe me, creating the MacMillan MP3 files from scratch was far easier than putting them online.

Still, as I’ve said in my rather neatly-coded (pat, pat) latest message at Singing the Mass, it is hoped that this newly-acquired knowledge will be put to good use between now and Advent 2011, when the revised Mass text will come into effect in parishes.

All this blog-chaos means I haven’t even had a chance to mention last week’s few days in lovely Orkney. There is no place quite like it. It is wonderful. Only space for one photo, of prehistoric standing stones and my favourite animals …

Roll on, Bellahouston! I’m sure it will be a really superb occasion!

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