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August 25, 2010

Those sheep again!

evelyn @ 2:59 pm

A brief ‘pastoral’ update on the flock’s ability, often downplayed, to learn to sing Mass music. Technologically, these sheep are pretty sophisticated. Here’s what they’ve been up to in the last two months or so:

Statistics show that several thousand unique visitors have accessed our MacMillan Mass MP3 files, listening to the Gloria most of all. Even discounting Birmingham pilgrims, people from abroad who are merely interested and of course the usual spammers, an enormous number of the Bellahouston congregation must have already listened to the Mass.

And these are unique visitors. The statistics don’t register if they come back again and again, but the tens of thousands of hits in total, and the hundreds of sessions of half an hour or more, suggest that this is just what they have been doing. Some serious home listening and practising has been going on, which must be helping parish practices considerably.

Of course, this method of online music learning has been around for some time. But the publicising of it in connection with the papal visit has been an excellent step forward in the light of all the additional music which congregations will have to get to know when the new Mass text is introduced for real. So please, folks, don’t go away when it’s all over after 16 September!

In the meantime, those going to Bellahouston who don’t have a computer, or a friend with a computer, don’t have parish practices and don’t read music, will still be able to participate. That’s why the repeats are in. I had misunderstood, but now stand corrected.

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