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December 30, 2021

Into a New Year

evelyn @ 3:12 pm

As there have been no entries since June, I have no doubt lost my remaining reader or two.  But if there is anyone out there reading this, a Happy New Year to you when it comes!

We are now back to being a singing choir – we think.  For the moment.  Maybe.

How many times in the last few months have I arrived at the church door to be greeted by the priest with ‘Great news!  It’s just been announced by the government!  Today we can have [something or other previously forbidden]’.   Mental gear-change required at no notice.

What a time it has been!  Rules changing daily about masks, cantors, distances.  Then big bad Delta comes along.  Now we have even bigger badder Omicron.  We’ll certainly know our Greek alphabet by the end of all this, if nothing else. Meanwhile, live-streaming continues but using fewer and fewer audio files, meaning an ever-changing format for both me and our technicians, but less sound-mixing, thank goodness.

It was becoming difficult to keep up with all the changes.  Something had to give, and sadly, the blog was first to go.  Then I caught on to the buzz-phrase ‘mental health’, and became aware that mine was faltering somewhat.  So, a bit of delegation took place and was highly successful.  We have got some very good people, I realised.

The upshot is that I am now in a gentle bit-by-bit process of retiring as Director of Music, although I won’t give up playing.  And the hope is that when I have more leisure time and less to think about, the Forth in Praise website and blog will come to life again.

One thing I will do, starting now, is a monthly blog entry, even if it is short and boring.

And in spite of all the hassle, how nice it was to sing as a choir again at Christmas, all boosted up and testing negative.




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