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August 3, 2020

This blog is not dead!

evelyn @ 3:03 pm

It’s just been having a bad time, like the rest of us.

My son uses one of these feeds that tell you when a blog you follow has posted something.  He says that until the Organists’ Blog revived suddenly a week or so ago his feed had declared ‘this blog is probably dead’.  What a cheek!  It’s just been feeling a bit out of sorts, and no wonder.

The fact is that sometimes there is really nothing to say.  The blog prides itself on dealing strictly with matters concerning church organs and organists, and rarely strays out of this area.  Of course, I do have plenty of opinions on the issues of the day, and could go on at great length about the Scottish government, the British government, Donald Trump, and the fact that pubs seem to have precedence over schools and churches in our culture.  I could, I suppose, give opinions on religious matters unrelated to the organ, such as the Pope’s aeroplane interviews, Cardinal Pell, and why the Church of Scotland is being more cautious than we are about re-opening churches.  Or I could chattily bore readers about things affecting me personally, like the fact that I can’t get a hairdresser’s appointment until late September, and possibly not even then, if we have a second wave of virus.

But the Organists’ Blog doesn’t deal with these things.  Not that it shies away from controversy, provided the controversy concerns organs.  The subject of organist fees, or the lack of them, comes up regularly in this blog, as do the copyright laws, which I think are so unhelpful.  And back in 2010 the blog happily took sides in the heated argument over the music for the papal visit to Scotland, and got quite a bit of flak for its stance.

But with churches shut for months, choir members operating in isolation, and a lot of eye-straining sound mixing going on, what was there to say?  We all felt depressed over it, and there seemed little point in echoing this on the blog.  However, things are moving a little now, hence a slight revival seemed in order.

But it is slight. Right at the moment there is only one organ-related issue that I can think of to report on.  The government in its wisdom has forbidden wind instruments, as well as singing, in churches for fear of infected droplets flying around, but doesn’t say whether it counts the pipe organ as a wind instrument.  The general opinion, however, is that there is no danger as organists don’t blow into their instruments!  Anyway, I played again yesterday.

Dead, indeed!  Huh!




1 Comment

  1. LOVE the last paragraph!

    Comment by Maeve — August 3, 2020 @ 3:41 pm

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