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March 28, 2020

Music from Lockdown

evelyn @ 6:14 pm

I’m really getting worried about our live-streamed Mass tomorrow.  Last week’s was very good.  It had no music but that was, I thought, absolutely fitting in the circumstances.  This week, however, the people setting it up have asked me to provide music – music that we have in our own church.

Our choir has never done any recording, nor have any of the cantors – of church music, anyway.  So no chance of streaming anything with words.  It was decided that if I could provide an organ verse of a hymn for the beginning and another for the end, that would do.

Even that was a problem, with the beautiful church organ now out of bounds.  All I could use was the instrument I have in my living-room for practice.  It has two manuals and full pedalboard, but is electronic, and pretty old.  I put the reverb up to full, but it still sounded like an ancient electronic.  I managed to hitch it up to the speakers of our hi-fi, but it didn’t improve it much.

There was also the problem of recording.  All I had was the Voice Memos app on my iPhone.  The final result sounded very much like an ancient electronic with reverb up full, hitched to an amplifier and recorded as a voice memo.   Also I only now realise that I have unwittingly over the years used the wonderful acoustic of our church to conceal flaws in my playing.  These now stand out pretty obviously, or so I think.

The people organising the streaming seem to think the music is OK, even after receiving the files.  They say that when it’s been through all their mixing and filtering processes, it will be fine, and that I’m being too purist.

Well, we’ll know tomorrow.  I was going to add the link at the end of this post, but can’t face it.  But I just might do an update, depending.



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