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July 8, 2010

Sheep may safely practise!

evelyn @ 4:14 pm

Revenons à nos moutons! The flock is not forgotten!

On the SINGING THE MASS page of this website you will find AUDIO MP3 files for the CONGREGATIONAL parts of the GLORIA, MEMORIAL ACCLAMATION, SANCTUS and AGNUS DEI of the MacMillan Mass. Forth in Praise has permission to post them on our website but they are for personal rehearsal use only and should not be freely copied or distributed.

Listening to these audio files can be a great help when practising at home. They are ideal for those who don’t read music (and for some who do, as well). There are no words – that was part of the agreement – but when you have the sheet music you can easily work out how the text fits in.

The music in these files is completely synthetic – it’s computer-generated. No organist, competent or otherwise, is involved. It’s mechanical in sound, but will do the job as far as straightforward note-bashing practice is concerned.

There should be a CD of the Mass coming out soon, but the MP3 files will help to fill the gap in the meantime.

Hurrah for modern technology!

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