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October 27, 2019

Another index uploaded.

evelyn @ 3:43 pm

That’s the Index by Date uploaded. The next lot should be more interesting.

Tedious though the Date index looks, it covers quite a few dramatic moments. The most memorable for me revolved round the visit of Pope Benedict XVI in 2010, and James MacMillan’s Mass of Blessed John Henry Newman (now ‘Saint’, of course). I still think the Newman Mass was an outstanding setting of our very difficult liturgy. It’s such a pity it seems to have disappeared afterwards. As it happens, we’re reviving it in our parish just now, bit by bit.

There was one enormous panic which I well remember. We had amazingly been given permission by the publisher to upload computer-generated audio files of the music of the Newman Mass, so long as there were no words, to help people learn it ahead of the papal visit. It seemed that Forth in Praise was the only source for these melodies, and when America found out, the website nearly went down! Our then webmaster was on holiday and I hadn’t a clue how to remedy things. However, after a frantic phone call or two to the web hosting company, all was well.

The files are still around, and can probably be found using the new Date index – if anyone is interested.

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