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July 26, 2019

Organist Marthas

evelyn @ 2:28 pm

The Gospel reading on Sunday about Martha and Mary reminded me of our local Organists’ Society back in the 70s when I first joined.  We met in various churches for recitals and talks, followed by a cup of tea.

There were more men than women in the Society, but it was always the lady organists who would locate the hall kitchen and get the tea things set out, together with the biscuits, milk and sugar which we had brought.  During the talk or recital one of us could have to leave the interesting goings-on and retreat quietly to the kitchen to oversee the operation of kettle or urn.  It was infuriating.  Afterwards, there was the washing-up, again done by the ladies, whose cars were always the last to leave.

I was the one who raised the question of sex discrimination at an AGM, and I have to say the men, who had never given the matter a thought, responded whole-heartedly.  In fact, the sight of our gentlemen organists rushing round with kettles, cups and tea-towels was quite something.

Since then, there have been many changes.  Things like urns have improved and don’t need so much tending, and domestic roles in society are not automatically consigned to the females of the company.

Coming back to Martha and Mary, why do we rarely hear what happened next in these Gospel narratives?  Did Martha, on being reproved by Jesus, immediately flop down beside Mary to listen to the message, so that the disciples had to get their own tea?  I’d like to think so.


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  1. So would I.

    Comment by Maeve — August 3, 2019 @ 5:52 pm

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