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June 28, 2019

The long handshake

evelyn @ 8:08 am

As long as it is in a parish where they don’t know you, this method of getting out of the Sign of Peace will work.

On our last weekend away, in the West of Scotland, my C of E husband as usual came to Mass with me on the Sunday.  He absolutely hates the Sign of Peace and will go to great lengths to avoid it, such as hiding behind medieval pillars in old French churches, and having to be dragged out by friendly altar servers eager to serrer la main.

On this day in the West I had a sudden inspiration.  ‘Shake hands with me’, I whispered, ‘and keep shaking’.

So for the whole of the Sign of Peace we stood solemnly shaking hands with each other, all the while gazing into each other’s eyes in order to avoid having to notice the people round about who had turned towards us expectantly.

They must have thought we were mad.  But it worked.


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