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May 10, 2019

The joys of scrolling

evelyn @ 2:16 pm



Ancient Roman boss: Mandy, have you got the scrolls?

Secretary: No, I always walk this way.

A bit of a chestnut, but it always got a laugh when we used it in our 1980s religious drama group, and I was reminded of it on Easter Sunday, when I accompanied our soloist in ‘I know that my Redeemer liveth’.

I kept thinking that the music I was playing should have come on a spindle, and you can certainly see why the Romans did things in this way.

Arranging music as a panorama avoids:

  • Page-turning by me (with danger of falling on the floor – the music, not me).
  • Page-turning by someone else (never satisfactory, and in this case there was only the soloist).
  • Any technology (bad for my eyes and you still have to touch screen for each turn – I’ve seen it done).

A friend does something similar, but arranges just one easy page turn so music can be bigger. I must try this.

Page-turning has always been a problem. I’ll never forget the occasion when the music did fall on the floor




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