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March 22, 2019

Judge not, and always check your junk

evelyn @ 3:43 pm

It wasn’t very charitable of me, I have to say. The continuing absence of a much-overdue email reply was getting on my nerves. Finally, I decided to pass the matter to our priest, which I did in an email containing my opinion of the dilatory correspondent.

The result was a phone call from one puzzled priest. The person involved had replied, and had copied the reply to him. He has now forwarded it to me. Still on the phone, I check the inbox on my desktop. Nope, it’s just not there, although his forwarded copy has arrived.

‘Check your junk’, says priest. Nope, desktop junk empty as usual. Priest refuses to believe anyone’s junk folder can be consistently empty. I pick up my mobile phone (priest having come through on the landline) and check its junk folder.  This time I find 32 emails, mainly offering shopping items and the usual unmentionable commodities. And in among them all, looking totally out of place, is the missing email. Eureka!

‘So you see, you should always check your junk’, says priest cheerfully, ringing off.

Obviously, there is junk and junk. Some items, as in this case, don’t make it to an email client program on one’s local computer. But the email client does have its own junk folder, which occasionally receives the odd – usually mistaken – email and therefore deceptively appears to be doing a full-scale filtering job. The real work, however, goes on higher up the chain, on the server of the email host, and that junk never reaches the local computer.

As to why an email about religious music should have been considered junk, I haven’t a clue. But all this does mean one has to check junk at more than one level, and regularly.

And definitely one shouldn’t pre-judge one’s correspondents.



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