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March 8, 2019

You can’t win …

evelyn @ 4:28 pm

Last year our choir worked like mad for Holy Week and the Easter Vigil. All through Lent we slogged away at ever-longer practices. For the Vigil itself we had produced some new and interesting music, and it was a bit disappointing that when the time came attendance was on the low side. At the previous year’s Vigil the church had been packed.

It wasn’t until we started getting complaints that we realised that for some reason most people that year had gone to Mass on Easter Sunday, when we had been too tired to provide any special music, but had just sung a few Easter hymns. Some of the congregation said they felt let down. A number of people who had been to the Vigil stood up for us, bless them, but we ourselves were too exhausted after our long week to take part in the fray.

This year we considered things, and have decided that we ought to do something on the Sunday. So we’ve asked that those of the choir who can stagger out on Easter Sunday to do so, and our soprano soloist has kindly agreed to sing ‘I know that my Redeemer liveth’ from Handel’s Messiah. That at least will be special.

But what’s the betting that everyone will come to the Vigil this year?




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