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February 15, 2019

New Lenten Gospel Acclamations

evelyn @ 4:16 pm

Preparing for the liturgy of Lent now, and it is nice to have those few extra weeks this year to get things organised.

The Gloria takes a holiday in Lent, of course, so any new Gloria planned for Easter has to be taught to the people right NOW. We just hope they can remember it when the time comes. But what else can you do?

And then we have the four Lenten Gospel acclamations. I’ve never understood why we need four of these, when during the rest of the year we just sing ‘Alleluia’ at this point in the Mass. However, there is at least a bit of flexibility about them. The priest can always decide to use a different acclamation to the one in the Missal, or even keep the same one for all six Sundays. Of course, if the people are using published Mass sheets they might be a bit puzzled at any deviation from what is on their page.

Our parish has tried various ways of handling the music for these acclamations. The last one, where we used the same melody for all four, and for the verses in between, was pronounced totally boring by the congregation. I had to pretend it was intended as a penance.

So I was interested when Brian Gill told me about a complete set of Lenten Gospel acclamations which he had written some years ago for his former parish of St Columba’s, Edinburgh. He is kindly allowing Forth in Praise to make these available online.

I hope to upload all of them next week, but here as a sample is the acclamation for the first Sunday in Lent.

Click on the picture above to view it more closely, right-click to save it as a JPG file. Or click HERE to download it as a PDF file.  Please retain Brian’s copyright notice on any copies made.

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