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January 18, 2019

Website reconstruction: progress report

evelyn @ 2:13 pm

Ten years’ worth of blogging creates a lot of posts, 315 to be precise. To date, anyway. The actual anniversary isn’t until October. Still, it’s worth doing a little bit of assessment just now, with perhaps a test or two.

Blog posts are ephemeral. Once read, they disappear off down the page and are forgotten. Although most blog hosting companies, including mine, give opportunities for tags and categories, I’ve never been able to get my head round these things, so haven’t bothered.

Now, however, I’ve been taking a long look to see if any of these past efforts, which relate to a career of 53 years as a church organist, 45 of them in my present parish, are worth a re-run. Many are not, of course, but some touch on matters which are always of interest, such as fees (the fee posts have always had the most Google hits). Other posts can be really quite funny, and if I find myself laughing as I re-read them, maybe others will, too.

So very soon now I’m planning the first anniversary blog-set. Watch this space …

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