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January 11, 2019

Easter is late this year!

evelyn @ 4:05 pm

As the Christmas season dies down, the church organist’s first thought is to scrabble through the new diary muttering ‘When is Easter? When is Easter?’ Having located Easter, the next calculation is ‘that means Ash Wednesday must be …’ This usually turns out to be sometime in February – and here we are, well into January, oh my gosh – so it’s a question of digging out the choir (sometimes literally, given January weather), persuading them away from their cosy firesides and into the freezing church for a bit of Lenten misery.

But some years are more fortunate, and 2019 is one of them. Easter is on 21 April and Lent doesn’t begin until 6 March. Our choir leader is perfectly happy to cancel rehearsals for the rest of January, and we still have February to practise something special for Lent. We can use January to locate the something special, in the comfort of home and the internet. Maybe it’s even time for another chiller of a penitential anthem

Update on last week’s attempt to return to the organ bench: it didn’t work. Back to the chair for another couple of months or so.

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