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January 4, 2019

Back to the bench?

evelyn @ 4:54 pm

Happy New Year, everyone!

Resolution No. 1: do something about the organ bench.

It’s more than a year since I started using the special backrest chair and it has always been my intention to return to the proper organ bench eventually. It has taken longer than I expected, though, and there may even be an element of cowardice involved (panic! – what do I do if it doesn’t work?). And the backrest chair is so comfortable

The situation has been tough on our other organists. Their problem is not the chair, which they can pull out of the way quite easily, but the huge solid oak bench, the original one from 1874, which takes some muscle to heave into position. The 9 o’clock people then have to move it away again afterwards and put the chair back for me at 11.30. Actually, I think some of them just use the chair themselves, which they must find limiting, especially for pedalling.

At Christmas, the gallery was full to bursting point with choir and instrumentalists. Our leader decided to move the bench out of the way completely, and had it carried round to the side of the organ, where it is now blocking the way to the humidifier tank and the hygrometer, so important at this time of year.

So when I meet the cantor for practice, I’m going to ask him to help me get the monster back in position, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll try it out this Sunday.


Resolution No. 2: do more practice.


Resolution No. 3: take Resolution No. 2 seriously.



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