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December 14, 2018

When the moderator is moderated …

evelyn @ 12:27 pm

No, nothing to do with the Church of Scotland.

I tried to send an email round the Forth in Praise mailing list, but couldn’t send it. After spending a day exchanging messages with the web hosting company, it turned out my email had gone into moderation, which meant that it was being held until approved by the website’s moderator, a sort of censor who has the power to release or reject it.

But wait a minute! I thought.  I’m the moderator.  At least, I must be, as I’m the only person running this website.

I struggled to make sense of this, and I suspected my remote helpers were struggling as well. I was directed to various parts of the operation, but nowhere could I find how to manage moderation of this mailing list, and release my email from the cage it was trapped in. I seemed quite powerless.

Eventually, a way out was found by pretending I was an outsider with special privileges, and as such I sent the email. But not without discovering that my helpers had first sent a ‘test plz ignore’ email to my entire mailing list. So I felt obliged to send round yet another email to reassure people that Forth in Praise had not been hacked.

I don’t know why, after years of happy mailing list sending, this problem suddenly came from nowhere. I still don’t know how to exercise my function as moderator in order to stop myself being moderated! The helpers finally gave up by referring me to a technical website which I couldn’t begin to understand.

I can’t help wondering if the fact that my previously excellent web hosting company has recently been taken over has something to do with it.

Oh, let’s have a carol.

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