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November 30, 2018

Tranquillised stops!

evelyn @ 1:12 pm

When it came to my three short organ pieces at the end of the parish concert last month I had wanted to use them to enlighten people just a little bit about the sounds of the beautiful instrument in our gallery. I had suggested to our MC that I could let people hear a short piece on the flutes, followed by another on diapasons. Could he explain this in his introduction? He cheerfully agreed, and we got the flutes done all right. However, the diapasons proved too much to explain, or even pronounce – our conversation had been by email. Alas, they will now always be known in our church as THE DIAZEPAMS!

Just how deliberately did he do that? Hmm.

I suppose it’s better than linking them to American babies’ nappies, which has been done.

Anyhow, the third piece (full organ – the good old D minor toccata) soon removed any tranquillity the audience might have been feeling …

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