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September 13, 2019

The Sound of Silence

evelyn @ 3:07 pm

A friend of mine was asked to deputise for a special occasion in a church where many years ago he had been the organist.  When he got there, he recognised the ‘organ’ as the same aged electronic piano he had played all those years ago – they had never replaced it. Possibly they hadn’t had an organist since then.   ‘Possibly’ became ‘probably’ when the thing kept cutting out and suddenly delivering silence. The rousing final hymn became – well, nothing. Obviously, this was an instrument which should have gone to the tip long ago.

I suppose this is a chicken-and-egg situation.  Why should a church spend money on a new instrument when they have no organist?  Yet they will never get an organist until they replace the instrument.

(Psst!  Tell them it could be dangerous.  If it hasn’t been maintained for years, it probably is.  That should get them moving.)


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