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February 2, 2018

Bridal chit-chat (26) – the winter wedding

evelyn @ 2:15 pm

The congregation was remarkably quiet. Usually, while awaiting the bride’s entrance, they chatter at an ever-increasing level of decibels until, depending on your mood, you either ratchet things up and force them to listen, or simply shrug and let them get on with it. But as I said, this lot were different. They were sitting in what appeared to be a devout silence.  Maybe it was something to do with the icy weather outside.

However, it didn’t last. As the bridal moment approached, I became aware of noise coming from a different direction. High-pitched squeals and shrieks were coming up through the gallery stairwell. What on earth was going on? There was nothing down there except the stall merchandise and a few hymn books. I didn’t dare leave the organ to investigate, as the Big Moment was nearly upon us. But who were these people, and did they realise that their squeals and giggles were audible to the entire church?

Next thing it was ‘Please stand for the bride’ and I launched into Pachelbel. When I had finished, the noise downstairs had stopped. Thank goodness.

The wedding proceeded as normal and everyone surged out of the church to Mendelssohn. As I finished the voluntary, I could hear the shouting and squealing start up again below. This time I marched across to the top of the stairs and called out ‘What’s going on down there?’

A head popped into view. ‘Oh, we’re the bridesmaids. We’re just changing.’

‘Was that you changing earlier, just before the bride’s entrance?’

‘Yes, it was far too cold to wear our dresses to the church.’

I hadn’t the heart to tell them that the whole church could hear them in their improvised changing-room, but no doubt someone at the reception would delight in passing on the news.

When I finally packed up and descended, they had all gone. Later, the lady who runs the stall told me they had left behind a sock, a pair of tights and, strangely, an electric plug.

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