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May 31, 2017

Bridal chit-chat (25): Ave Maria continued

evelyn @ 2:14 pm

Some more candidates for the ‘fake Ave Maria’ slot. The most authentic, having as its chorus the Latin words right down to benedicta tu is As I kneel before you. Usually known by its title, it’s what a recent bride came up with when I asked her to think about which Ave Maria she wanted. It’s very popular as a modern Marian hymn, although I personally think the words a bit sloppy, and musically it is unremarkable.

The Bells of the Angelus takes me back to convent school days, and then there’s Holy Virgin, by God’s decree, described as ‘the new Lourdes hymn’, although I haven’t heard it sung for quite a while. Both of these have ‘Ave, Maria’ as the chorus, and there may be more.

However, in my view there’s no rival musically to the two ‘greats’ – Bach-Gounod and Schubert. However, the age-old plainsong version could perhaps be better known:

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