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February 7, 2017

Bugs galore!

evelyn @ 6:22 pm

Sorry, still not functioning yet. I’ve been hit by some horrible winter bug, and was unable to enjoy our break away. Doctor hopes next set of pills will do the trick, but many of my friends are down with this thing, and it doesn’t give up the fight easily.

Then all my computers – desktop, laptop and tablet – have got bugs as well. For some reason my desktop date had changed to three weeks ahead when I got home. I didn’t spot it for a couple of hours, so a lot of my files have a future date. The tablet decided to give up completely, then suddenly righted itself, all for no apparent reason. The laptop hung on startup, which it has never done before, and I had to persuade it that its settings were all perfectly OK, so why wasn’t it starting? Eventually it did.

I wish there was an NHS for computers.

Hope to get back to regular blogging soon. Choir has all sorts of exciting things planned, but half of the singers are down with bugs as well.

The unkindest bug of all happened just now. I tried to log in to the blog to post this and was greeted every time with an error message. The rest of the website was working, so I sent a message to the web hosting company’s support people. Within ten minutes, I got an email saying problem was fixed! Now that is service. Well done, Free Virtual Servers.

Oh, and my husband has now caught the bug from me. So guilt is added to my other woes.

But I will be back. All this misery surely can’t last.

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