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December 15, 2016

Desperately catching up!

evelyn @ 2:57 pm

Christmas has run away with things again, hence lack of blog posts in spite of all good intentions.

The speed at which Advent goes by is incredible. It’s quite unlike Lent, which drags along miserably and penitentially. Advent, though also penitential, just shoots by, and there’s never enough time to get the choir music ready for Christmas.

As usual, we seem to have been over-ambitious. This time, we’ve gone in for a bit of polyphony – just a little bit in a medieval piece. Our men, having been allowed ‘O Holy Night’ this year without argument, are on a roll, and their loud joyous counterpoint, not entirely correct rhythmically, intimidated the altos, who last week asked to be removed from their vicinity. There’s room in our practice side chapel for separate groupings, but the gallery on Christmas Eve will be another matter. However, the altos have not been idle. At this week’s practice, they sang a difficult passage perfectly, then sat and looked smug. It turned out that they had had an intensive practice on their own between Masses last Sunday. They are now full of confidence and back in position next to the men, whose timing errors they are earnestly trying to correct, to everyone’s amusement.

With last year’s ‘O Holy Night’ feud in mind, I’ll finish with a re-run of the goat rendition of this well-known piece (guess which side I’m on!).  If video doesn’t work, go here and scroll down.

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  1. Oh, Heavens!!!

    Comment by Elvira — December 15, 2016 @ 10:43 pm

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