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October 17, 2016

Getting to grips with Twitter

evelyn @ 12:58 pm

The other day I looked into the Twitter app on my iPad and found … amazing things! Some people have been following Forth in Praise, some have retweeted one or two of our tweets, and some have even been sending messages. And I never knew!

For someone of the older generation, I had always thought I’d kept up quite well with advancing technology. Facebook and Twitter, however, have always defeated me. I was on Facebook briefly, but was put off by the jargon and worse, by the eternal fear of clicking in the wrong place and sending a friend request to a stranger. I gave up on Facebook, and just put the odd bit of news on the Forth in Praise Twitter account, which had been set up by our previous webmaster.

Now I’ve discovered all this Twitter interaction which everyone will think I’ve ignored. So apologies all round and thank you to followers for remaining with Forth in Praise.

I’ve decided I must work at Twitter now. The next thing is to find out what happens when you follow someone.

Yes, Forth in Praise will become more active on Twitter. And the first thing I’ll do is tweet just that.

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