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July 25, 2014

Where is everyone?

evelyn @ 7:23 pm

I’ve just done a short update of the Mass page. Very little seems to be happening regarding liturgical music, and I’m wondering if I’ve somehow got out of the loop. Even though July is not the busiest of months, you would think the advertising of autumn events would be starting, but the only one I’ve heard of, and that was by chance, was the Cumnock special music day in September.

The Forth in Praise website has the facility to advertise events, to link to composers’ websites and to point people towards official announcements concerning music in the liturgy.

But it’s all a big blank at the moment, and I have to make do with stories about piano-playing cats.

One exception, I have to admit, is indefatigable composer Eugene Burns, who does keep in touch. A few months ago, he sent me his new St Magdalene Sanctus and Acclamations, which I have tried out in my own parish with some success. He has now uploaded the music to his website, with the usual copyright proviso – freely available for a single parish, which means you can copy it for your whole congregation if you want. Thanks, Eugene.

But where is everybody else?

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