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July 4, 2014


evelyn @ 1:25 pm

July. The slack time. Mass reverts to the Sundays of the Year. Priests on holiday. Choir on summer break. Organ pupils at the seaside. Weather in typical British fashion varying from downpours to hot sunshine (today is a downpour).

Time to tidy up the blog a bit.

It’s amazing to think that it will be five years in October since the blog began, so I thought a bit of indexing might be in order. I’ve made a provisional though not perfect start with an Index by Title, giving links to everything. Similar indexes by date and subject to follow. Then I’ll try to tidy up the peripheral detail on main and index pages, and maybe weed out less relevant stuff. It’s quite fun exploring the technology.

But I’ve just realised that today at least is far from being a slack time for the blog’s surprisingly large number of American readers. Have a happy day, all of you!

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