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February 23, 2014

100 Easy Hymns

evelyn @ 6:53 pm

Somewhat to my surprise, the very basic Forth in Praise 100 Easy hymns for Organ Beginners has sold extremely well. Experienced organists, as well as absolute beginners have bought it, and not only in the Archdiocese. Orders have come from as far away as Canada, and some people have requested more than one copy.

Why should experienced players want such a simple format? Well, some have welcomed the addition of chords to older hymns which don’t usually have them in the main hymn books. Others, especially those who play in more than one church, like to be able to fill out the two part structure with harmonies according to the size of the congregation and the capabilities of the instrument. Others still have found the single bass line a great boost for pedal practice, as they can take the rest of the harmony in the right hand and concentrate on their feet.

Very few copies remain now. You can find the list of contents and a sample on our Publications and Downloads page. Remember that the words (except for Latin hymns) are not included and and the book would therefore always have to be used in conjunction with your usual hymnal. If you’re interested, use the contact email to get in touch.

But do it soon.

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