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February 15, 2014

I must have missed something!

evelyn @ 2:34 pm

In this week’s Scottish Catholic Observer there is an announcement that Bishop Hugh Gilbert of Aberdeen, President of the Liturgy Commission of the Bishops’ Conference of Scotland, is to become the patron of Musica Sacra Scotland, the James MacMillan-inspired body which is promoting a return to chant in the Mass.

What’s interesting about this is that I, and others whom I have asked, had no idea that leadership of the National Liturgy Commission had passed from Bishop Toal to Bishop Gilbert. Have we missed an announcement?

On the whole, the change at the top would appear to be good news. Bishop Toal’s huge workload, which includes running two dioceses, was no doubt the reason that the committee which approves new Mass music for publication hasn’t met for almost a year.

Now, I wonder, does this link with Musica Sacra indicate the shape of things to come?  I’m very fond of chant, although I wouldn’t want it to take over absolutely everything.  I must add, though, that one thing I don’t want to have to sing or play is that dreadful dumbed-down ICEL Gloria, known among my associates as the ‘Woodpecker’ Gloria (tap-tap-tap-tap … ).

And when are they going to report all this news on James MacMillan’s St Columba’s Choir website? And take down that dreadful picture of me that heads it at the moment?

Speaking of which, is there any news about what did happen to Musica Sacra’s request for membership of the National Music Advisory Board?

Am I missing things right, left and centre?

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