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September 6, 2013

Now that the dust has settled …

evelyn @ 12:17 pm

The Linlithgow Singing Day of 31 August, which turned into a Singing/Guitars/Organ Day, in fact went very well indeed, with a big attendance (55) for this sort of event, excellent leaders and enthusiastic participants. I’ve put a full report with pictures on the Events page. An email requesting feedback has gone out, and replies are coming in. I’ll add a summary of the comments to the report in due course.

All the music was greatly appreciated, and it is perhaps not fair to single out any one item, but I think the St Magdalene Gloria by Eugene Burns does deserve a mention. Eugene contacted Forth in Praise last year when his Gloria was officially approved, and I tried it out in my own parish, where it has gone well. It is extremely simple, a refrain Gloria with chanted verses on the lines of the old Bellahouston Gloria, and an excellent ‘way in’ for congregations tackling the new liturgy Gloria for the first time. It can be listened to and downloaded for free here.

There was one peculiar moment right at the beginning of the day, when I first arrived at the church. A cheerful crowd of singers and guitarists had already gathered outside, and among them were two young men wearing black ties. I did a double-take, and then realised.

‘Funeral?’ I asked. They nodded.

‘Sorry, but you’re at the wrong church.’

My husband showed them the quickest way to get to the ‘other’ St Michael’s – the famous medieval church next to the Palace – and off they ran. I do hope they made it in time.


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