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April 19, 2013

Praise pedal problems

evelyn @ 3:02 pm

A friend has emailed me about my last post, asking why organ shoes are important for the ‘Praise, my soul’ tune. I realise I should have said more about this, for only those who pedal the hymn regularly will have understood the problem.

The strong bass line starts on low D in minims, but soon switches to marching crotchets, meaning that both feet are moving around most of the time. There are also some quite wide jumps. Looking down at feet is not really an option, but normally one’s familiar organ shoes (mine are like the one above) seem to know where the notes are and go straight there. The moccasins I was wearing on Sunday to accommodate my bandaged right foot didn’t have this knowledge, so I had to feel around for some of the pedal notes. Added to that, the moccasin on the good foot kept trying to fall off.

All in all, I didn’t do too badly, even if there was a pedal note or two missing. My feet deserve a pat on the back!

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