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April 9, 2013

Getting there – slowly

evelyn @ 8:24 pm

I am now desperate to get back to my pipe organ, to the beautiful, beautiful Hill that stands in the church gallery.


Withdrawal symptoms are becoming severe. I’m missing it like crazy. Neither of my electronic options – not the small organ at the front of the church, nor the two-manuals-with-pedalboard in my living-room – can substitute for our 1874 Hill, which is one of the best organs in Scotland.

The problem is the very steep spiral stone staircase leading to the gallery. It is not a good idea for anyone on crutches. Even with assistance it is tricky.

Last Sunday, I played at the afternoon Mass. I had planned to attempt the staircase, but chickened out at the last minute, and instead played the small organ. This week, though, following an excellent Glasgow clinic session in which I handed back the crutches, I decided that next Sunday morning, at the main Mass of the day, I will tackle the stairs. Climbing them should be OK, but getting down again might be a problem. Nil desperandum – I’ve decided to email the entire choir for help in descending.

Otherwise, I might find I’m still up there when the afternoon Mass comes along.

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