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March 18, 2013


evelyn @ 2:10 pm

While I was in hospital, news started to come trickling through of happenings in the Church and particularly in our own archdiocese. I was shocked and disbelieving, but although I tried to find out more through those funny hospital personal TV sets, all I could get was a BBC reporter outside the Cathedral interviewing parishioners, each of whom said ‘I was shocked’.  I suppose there wasn’t really anything else to say.

Several kindly priests have visited me in my illness, friends as well as hospital chaplains, which caused my husband to say that the real, serious work of the church goes on at parish level. He advised me to disregard the sedibus vacantibus rising above, and even went to the trouble of finding out the plural of sede vacante for me.

One of these has now been filled, of course.  Deo gratias.

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