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October 10, 2012

Announcement: Getting to Grips with the Gloria

evelyn @ 11:45 am


There is no doubt that composing for the new liturgy can be quite a headache, especially when it comes to the Gloria. Literally translated from the Latin, the long, unwieldy English text doesn’t lend itself easily to metric writing. It is so demoralising to find that one’s lovely tune just refuses to fit the words. Sometimes things seem to work, then all of a sudden they don’t. Pitfalls for the unwary loom all over the place. And with the Church leaning on us to go for the straight-through version rather than the easier refrain type, many composers are reaching the hair-tearing stage.

The Forth in Praise Composers’ Workshop plans to tackle some of the issues, especially word-setting. If your music theory is long-forgotten, or never really existed in the first place, come and join us in Linlithgow on Saturday 3 November. More details, including booking, on our Events Page. Numbers are limited, so if you are interested, please get in touch soon.

You never know, we might even finish the day with a brand-new ‘collective’ Gloria, composed by a dozen or so people. Then, of course, we would all submit it to the approval committee …

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