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August 26, 2012

A Happy Ship!

evelyn @ 10:29 pm

You may have noticed that our Music for the New Mass page has linked to the Mass of St Francis  by Australian composer Paul Taylor, which can be viewed, listened to and downloaded here.

As it happens, last year, while compiling the ‘other countries’ section of our Music for the New Mass page, I had spotted on the Australian bishops’ website a very jolly picture (below) of their National Liturgical Music Board.  I wondered, could this open and friendly-looking group possibly be the committee that vets new music settings of the Mass in Australia?

At that point, I didn’t think I would ever have the chance to find out.  However, during my visit to Melbourne in the spring I was able to meet Archdiocesan liturgist and musician Dr Paul Taylor (fifth from left), Executive Secretary to the Bishops’ Commission for Liturgy, member of the National Liturgical Music Board, organist, and composer of the St Francis Mass.  And Paul said, yes, these are indeed the people who recommend for approval new music settings of the liturgy.

The Australian committee is completely open, with every member known and named. You can read about them and their activities on the Australian bishops’ website.  Their work is wide-ranging.  I have mentioned in a previous post the useful congregational edition of the ICEL Missal chants which they have produced for download. They have compiled an assembly booklet with a variety of approved Mass settings, and provide all kinds of information and music aids for parishes, much of it online.  They also deal with hymnody and are putting together a new Church-sponsored hymnal.

I asked Paul if the picture had been specially organised, but he said no, the committee was in normal session and hard at work when it was taken.

It certainly seems to be a very happy ship.




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