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July 12, 2012

Tweet, tweet!

evelyn @ 8:09 pm

I’m not one for social networking, mainly because I don’t find it easy to handle all the little phrases and conventions.  I had a brief existence on Facebook, but keeping up with my ‘friends’ was a real problem (I hadn’t many friends, either. I don’t know how these people with hundreds of friends manage.  They must spend all day on Facebook).  Even phone texting with all the abbreviations (‘c u 2moro l8r’) is like another language.

Twitter was something else I avoided.  However, the clever person who designed the Forth in Praise website, Katherine, had made use of Twitter to post the latest news on our home page.  When Katherine retired from our Group, she gave me a blow-by-blow account-for-idiots about how to continue this, which I dutifully did.  But there were two things I didn’t realise.  First, that you can put links into Twitter.  When I met Katherine at the May singing day, she told me how to do it: ‘you just put them in’.  Oh.

The second thing I discovered all by myself.  Followers.  We had some, and when the links starting going in, we got a few more.  A light-bulb went on over my head.  I always do a tweet when something new is uploaded to the Forth in Praise website, so – Twitter just might be a way for blog readers to know when there’s a new post without having to keep checking the site! 

Now I don’t know how big the blog readership is.  At one point I thought it consisted of just my family and some Russian spammers.  But I think there may be a few more now.  So if anyone is interested in becoming a Forth in Praise follower, please go to our home page and the Twitter link at the bottom right.  We’ll be delighted to see you.

You’ll notice Forth in Praise doesn’t follow anyone.  But it will, it will, I’m getting there …


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