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June 17, 2012

Australia – the land of the dotted blobs!

evelyn @ 6:48 pm

Remember the blob problem?  The almost total lack of rhythm indications in the ICEL chants for the new liturgy? Forth in Praise resolved it by turning the main parts of the Mass into staff notation. Latterly we even had a go at the Exsultet.

At this year’s Easter Vigil in St Patrick’s Cathedral, Melbourne (left), I found that a much simpler and less drastic solution had been applied in Australia. They just dotted the longer blobs. It made such a difference.

When I got back to Scotland, I found that some people here had already found the Australian dotted blobs for themselves.  The ‘other countries’ section on the Forth in Praise Mass page will take you straight there.  Or click here. Then, under ‘Recommended Mass Settings – Revised ICEL chant Mass’  where it says ‘An assembly edition has been prepared by the NLMB – Download here’ – you just download the PDF file.  The NLMB is the Australian National Liturgical Music Board, by the way, and it is a very active body.

I do hope ICEL is noting all this.

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