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February 17, 2012

Only temporary – honest!

evelyn @ 5:55 pm

I’ve had complaints that the previous post will put pianists off playing the organ.  On re-reading it, I realised that I missed out the most important bit:  the effect is only temporary and will wear off!  In fact, if I hadn’t had such a long break away from the piano, the problem might not have cropped up at all.

Just as pianists starting the organ tend to hit it harder to make it louder, then realise what a waste of energy that is, and are soon languidly pulling out an extra diapason or a mixture instead, so organists returning to the piano quickly realise that touch sensitivity is very much an issue, and after the first awkwardness are able to get their fingers back into order.  In fact, the experience can make one pleasantly aware that one is in control of two quite different keyboard techniques.

So yes, it is like driving two different cars.  And the Moonlight is back to normal down at the undertaker’s.

Mind you, I still sometimes find my foot looking for the Swell pedal …

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