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July 12, 2011

Out and about (2)

evelyn @ 3:00 pm

This past Sunday we went to the outskirts of Glasgow to a church where a friend of mine plays. She has been, and I believe still is, a SCOTS candidate, and it shows! Nice accompaniments, and some lovely voluntaries before and during Mass. Church was big and modern, with a superb acoustic, and the organ speakers (it was an electronic – two manuals and pedals) well placed high up.

Even though hymn books were handed out to people entering the church, I noticed that the congregation responded more strongly to the Sanctus and the Agnus than to the hymns. This will be good news for those organising the new translation – the signs are that they expect more of the Mass sung or chanted, with fewer hymns, come the Great Change in September/November.

Again I was accompanied by C of E husband, who didn’t recognise anyone this time, but did remark afterwards how nice and friendly Catholic congregations always are. (Aw, shucks!).

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