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December 14, 2009

Bridal Chit-chat (3)

evelyn @ 6:39 pm

Following the cliffhanger at the end of the previous post, I’ve had one or two Monty Python-like emails shouting ‘Get on with it!’, so here goes.

The hotel room had chairs arranged facing forward, with an aisle in the middle, while the minister stood at the front, where a table had been placed. The keyboard was at the back, facing up the aisle, so I had a good view of the bridal procession as I played them in, and of what happened next.

It wasn’t a large room, and it was incredibly hot. That was fine for bride and bridesmaids with their bare backs and shoulders. The males of the bridal party, however, were wearing thick fancy jackets, and in the middle of his vows, the bridegroom passed out.

The resulting hubbub was dominated by two women with camcorders shrieking that they had ‘got it for Beadle’. I was seriously alarmed and wondered whether I should go to hotel reception (if I could find it) for a first aid person. Nobody else seemed bothered, but perhaps they knew more than I did about the stag party. However, the poor man quickly came to and managed to sit up.

The question now was, as a professional organist, should I play while the bridegroom was helped to his feet and made to sit in a chair with a glass of water and some brow-mopping, or would that appear too callous? The decision was taken for me by the bride’s father, who said ‘Gaun, play something, hen’.

Suggestions for suitable organ pieces for this moment would be very welcome (you never know when it might happen again), but in the event I improvised, so that I could keep on watching the action. Bride and revived groom were finally led to chairs in front of the minister’s table, while the minister himself came down to me and said quietly, ‘Skip the hymns and the rest of the music. Let’s just get them married.”

So we cut to the chase and, seated, they duly married each other for better or worse. Whether they were fit to be played out I can’t remember, and I never did get round to watching the Jeremy Beadle You’ve been framed! TV programme.

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