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February 4, 2011

Music for the New Mass : opportunity to comment.

evelyn @ 10:52 pm

The Organists’ Blog has been asked to take online comments on behalf of the Music for the New Mass page of this website. Today’s blogpost has been created to provide this facility.

For more details about the Music for the New Mass page, click here, and for the page itself, click here.

You can comment using the form below. Your email address is requested, but will not be published . The name you give will be seen on the web. You can use part or all of your real name, or a pseudonym.

We look forward to hearing from you.


  1. I’m interested in the official chant. Is this something we’ve all got to learn? And is it to be accompanied or not? Do you know anything about this?

    Comment by Flora B — February 12, 2011 @ 4:47 pm

  2. Flora, I think we are all holding our breath to see what the Scottish bishops say and do next. Hopefully we’ll know more by the time of our 9 April Singing Day – or might it be Chanting Day?

    Comment by evelyn — February 12, 2011 @ 9:32 pm

  3. Organ accompaniments for the official chants are available at http://musicasacra.com/forum/comments.php?DiscussionID=4492&page=1#Item_0
    and a keyboard arrangement is promised at

    Comment by Anne — March 19, 2011 @ 9:30 am

  4. Anne, thank you yet again. Whatever the purists say, we do need keyboard arrangements. I’ll put your links on the Mass Page at the next update.

    Comment by evelyn — March 21, 2011 @ 4:12 pm

  5. I don’t know whether we’ll attempt the official chants in my parish but, if we do, we’ll certainly need the help of the organ

    Comment by Anne — March 22, 2011 @ 8:47 am

  6. Does anyone know whether the Scottish Bishops are going to make recommendations for the music to be used for the new translation (in addition to the official chants) as has happened in Australia and New Zealand? It seems it might be a bit of a waste of time looking extensively at new musical settings if specific recommendations are somewhere in the pipeline.

    Comment by Anne — June 13, 2011 @ 7:43 am

  7. Thanks for the query, Anne. I do know that the ICEL chant is being promoted in Scotland, but as for other settings, there is no word, although I understand a national committee is being created. I would hope that they would perhaps give a list of recommended settings, but wouldn’t actually impose them. I’d also hope that they wouldn’t forbid anything unless it is obviously liturgically inappropriate. After all, the styles of music that people find spiritually uplifting do vary greatly. It would be worth keeping an eye on the RomanMissal Scotland website, where one would expect this sort of thing to be announced.

    Comment by evelyn — June 13, 2011 @ 11:31 am

  8. Thanks for the info.

    Comment by Anne — June 13, 2011 @ 6:47 pm

  9. Interesting point, Alastair – you may well be right. We will soon find out!

    The voice part online now has the small cue notes in, and has also been re-christened the St Michael Gloria. I’ve sent you an email download of the accompaniments for organ and chords. If anyone else would like these please contact me at massmusic@forthinpraise.co.uk.

    Comment by evelyn — July 3, 2011 @ 10:01 pm

  10. Hi – love your blog – in canada we have been offered 3 “official” music masses. at first i was not too happy but i am starting to like them – I think its an opportunity to improve the liturgy, make it more spiritual

    Comment by maria klara — October 13, 2011 @ 8:07 pm

  11. I’m late in commenting on this as most organists will be familiar with it by now but I would like to thank Evelyn and Forth in Praise for converting the ICL chant into “real music.” I totally agree with the comment that the stemless black notes of the official version were imprecise and difficult to interpret. The alternative accompaniment music provided by Forth in Praise is very helpful.

    Comment by David Scott — October 1, 2012 @ 1:18 pm

  12. Lovely to hear of progress. Perhaps you should nominate a special rarely played piece of music that signals I need help. Anne A.

    Comment by anne armstrong — April 14, 2013 @ 6:54 pm

  13. Anne, that’s a wonderful idea! Evelyn

    Comment by evelyn — April 15, 2013 @ 12:15 pm

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