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November 22, 2010

The Anytoun Old Kirk emails (2)

evelyn @ 1:46 pm


Evelyn to Andrew    Sunday 16 July


I know you’re on holiday, but I must write this while it’s fresh.

So far as I can tell, Carlos, though known to be a loose cannon, outdid himself today. One of your choir (Angela, I think) had very kindly written out an order of service for me.  From this I was able to see that apart from the first, Carlos didn’t get a single hymn of the five in the right place.

He announced the second hymn, which should have followed the first reading, after the first prayer.  I was already on yellow alert because the prayer had mentioned singing, so I was ready for it.

The reader of the first reading then announced the third hymn, which took me by surprise – we were obviously way ahead of ourselves.  I played it OK and went to red alert.

Carlos then forgot about the intimations and went into a fairly lengthy second reading which he did himself.  He followed this by announcing the fourth hymn, which we sang.

After that we had the sermon.  Then he started to announce the final hymn, at which point a member of the choir went over and had a quiet word.  As a result of this, the intimations were read.   Carlos then admitted he had also forgotten about the offering, but we would have it now.   

I decided to improvise during the collection instead of playing a voluntary, so that I could watch what was going on. I finished the cadence just as he was drawing breath to talk over me – I was quite proud of that.

All in all, a most exciting service.  Mass in the afternoon was positively tame in comparison.

Best wishes



To be continued …

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